6 Building Monuments Tabletop Statue

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This 6 Building Monument platform (5" around) provides a colorful and detailed look into the most distinct monument tourist attractions that provide D.C as well as our country with rich and paramount history. Included are:

The White House; where the President of the United States resides.

The Jefferson Memorial; a memorial site of our third president and site of prominent D.C annual ceremonies such as the Cherry Blossom Festival and Easter Sunday services.

The Capitol Building which is where our United States Congress meets.

The Lincoln Memorial is a historical memorial honoring President Lincoln, you can also find at the site, his 2nd inaugural speech as well as the Gettysburg address inscribed in the walls.

The Washington Monument stands tall and proud that takes 896 steps to reach the top. 

The Korean War Monument that honors those who were killed, captured, wounded, or remain missing in action during the Korean War. 

Around the monuments are the iconic Cherry Blossoms.

All 6 Historic Monuments provide a detailed glimpse into the rich history of Washington D.C as well as our nation, placed on a slick wood base with a gold plate that says 'Washington D.C". The immaculate detail and coloring make this a beautiful, signifying decorative piece for any display. 


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