Exclusive Presidential & White House "Glassware Collection"

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Presidential Seal Medallion Pilsner Glass
White House Medallion Wine Glass
Presidential Seal Pewter Decanter
Presidential Seal Wine Glass
Oval Office Shot Glass
Oval Office Stemless Glass
Cherry Blossom Stemless Wine Glass
Pewter Presidential Seal Wine Tumbler
America Eagle Shotglass
White House Oval Pewter Decanter
Presidential Seal Cream Shot Glass
Kamala Harris Shot GlassKamala Harris Shot Glass
Inaugural Badge Biden-Harris Pint 2021Inaugural Badge Biden-Harris Pint 2021
FBI Clear Shot Glass
The White House Shot Glass
Air Force One Shot Glass
Flag Wine Glass Koozie
Land of the Free Eagle Shot Glass
Presidential Seal Square Shot glass
3 Pack  DC Pano Shot glasses3 Pack  DC Pano Shot glasses
Presidential Seal Pewter Pint Glass
Presidential Seal Pewter Scotch Glass

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